51913 Kinetik Phantom LiFePO4 Battery

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  • LiFePO4 batteries are safer for the operator and the environment; no explosive gasses, lead, or acid are released during charge or leak out
  • Battery has zero sulfation
  • Holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance; faster cranking for better starts; super-fast recharge rate; can be discharged further than equivalent lead-acid batteries
  • On average, LiFePO4 batteries are one fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries
  • APP21L6-BS12 fits these common batteries: 12N5.5-4A, 12N5-4B, 12N9-4B-1, YB12A-A, YB7-A, YB7B-B, YT7B-BS, YT9B-BS, YTX7A-BS, YTX9-BS
  • Polarity + on Right
  • LFP Actual Ah - 7
  • Equivalent to 12V 20Ah
  • Max Current Charge - 24A
  • CCA - 370
  • Length - 5.83" (148mm)
  • Width - 3.4" (86mm)
  • Height - 4.13" (105mm)
  • Do not allow a charge voltage in excess of 14.6V
  • Do not use lead acid chargers which employ a high-voltage "anti Sulfation" mode.  This will cause overcharge damage.  Standard lead-acid chargers with a peak of 14.6V or less may be used
  • Various sheets of high density adhesive-backed foam to fit properly in the stock battery box if needed
  • Click here to download data sheet
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    • First, remove the original lead acid battery from your vehicle, according to the marker's guidelines
    • Compare the original battery side by side with your new Phantom battery.  Check that the polarity (+/- terminal) arrangement is the same on both.  Next check that the battery does not exceed the size of the original in any dimension.  If the battery is larger in any dimension, and therefore will not fit into the stock battery box
    • Assuming the polarity and size are correct, now campare the original battery to find any dimension in which it is larger than the Phantom replacement battery.  For example the two may have the same width but the original is 25mm taller etc.  for any dimension, apply the appropriate thickness of the included advesive-backed foam pieces to the vehicle's battery box, so the battery fits snugly inside and the battery cables can be easily attached.  See illistration.
    • The Phantom battery can bolt cable eyelets to either the top or front of the terminals.  Choose whichever allows the best cable fit.  Max touque for the terminal screws is 30kg/cm (27 inch/lb).  Do not over-tighten.
    • Check that the positive terminal cannot touch any part of the vehicle and be sure that the original positive terminal cover is re-installed on the battery before the battery box is fitted
    • Vehicles which do have a current drain while turned off will need the battery periodically charged, depending on the rate of current drain.  If you ride at least 2 hours per month year round, that alone should be sufficient.  Seasonal storage can be also achieved by disconnection the negative battery cable , to eliminate any key-off draw on the battery.
    • Read owners manual for complete instructions and storage instructions
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