Plug-in booster cables are designed for service vehicles and fleets. Plug-to-lug cables allow you to connect directly to the service vehicle electrical system and then plug in booster cables (or plug-to-plug extensions) as needed--keeping them secure when not in use.  Some fleets install plug-to-lug cables on all vehicles so service is easy by connecting a plug-to-plug cable between the service vehicle and the fleet vehicle.  Quick Cable plug-in cables are 100% copper, remain flexible in cold weather, and are available in a variety of lengths.

Two Ways to use plug ins

A. Two-Part Booster Set
* Permanently install plug-to-lug cable in service vehicle
* Use clamp-to-plug cable to jump dead vehicle battery
* Advantage: Store clamp-to-plug cable in cab of service vehicle to reduce risk of theft, loss or damage

B. System Using Plugs Only     
* Permanently install plug-to-lug cable in service vehicle as well as in every fleet vehicle     
* Use plug-to-plug cable as a fool proof, polarity-specific booster cable between service vehicle and fleet            vehicle battery     
* Advantage: Eliminates need to open hood, greatly reducing risk of battery explosion and shields both              engine and battery from rain or snow     

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