Charging Equipment

Charging Equipment

Listed below are your options for charging your batteries from


6 Volt Battery Chargers


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A standard overnight recharge is normally recommended for typical lead-acid batteries. This is based on a C/10 charge rate. (C=Ah capacity of your battery)

For Example:
If you have a 12 Volt, 25 Ah battery then your charging rate is 2.5 Amps (C/10 = 25/10 = 2.5)
If a faster recharge time is required, the following formulas can be used to determine either the correct charge rate or the time required to recharge your battery to 90% of capacity.

Recharge Time = AH x 1.2 /  I Max      (Add 3 hours for 100%)

The Ah rating of the battery x 1.2 equals the amperes required to recharge, divided by the charging circuit, equals the amount of time (in hours) required to recharge the battery to 90%.  These times are based on a fully discharged battery. For 100% recharging, add 3 hours "float" time to the charging time. If the battery is only partially discharged, the recharge time will be shorter.

Since the recommended voltage setting for each battery type varies, we follow the manufacturer's specifications to determine the correct voltage setting for each charger. This will help to insure maximum battery life and will provide the most efficient recharging possible.

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