24 Volt Mobility Chargers

24 Volt Mobility Chargers

Charging - The Life Force Of Your Battery

Regardless of a battery being very high quality, its performance and its lifespan depends heavily on its charger.  Charging a battery properly is absoluetly necessary.  For best results, we recommend our range of UPG mobility chargers.  The following steps will guide you on the correct charging procedures.  Follow these steps for a longer battery life, bettery performance and optimum results.

  • Charge your AGM or Gel batteries at the end of every day - Even if you have not used the chair that day
  • Charge your AGM or Gel batteries during the day at any opportunity - Even for as little as half an hour - It counts towards preserving the lifespan of your battery
  • Use the correct charger for AGM or GEL batteries - The correct charger is a three stage (regulated), digitally controlled, float-stage capable charger.  The correct size charger will have an output current not less than 10% of the battery capacity.  For example a 35 amp hour battery ( 2 U1 batteries) require a 24V charger with no less current than 3.5A
  • Do not store or charge AGM or Gel batteries in extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Do not discharge your batteries below the yellow area of the "battery charge status indicator" on your powerchair - The "red area" of the "battery charge status indicator" indicates the batteries must be charged.  Discharge of your batteries below the red area of your controller will likely damage your batteries permanently, and result in premature failure.
  • Do maintain your batteries if not being used for an extended periods - When leaving your mobility device idle for an extended period (more than 1 week), connect your charger to your batteries before storing your mobility device.  The charger will harm your batteries if it is left connected to the batteries indefinitely.  The "float stage" of your charger is designed as a maintainer for your batteries.
    Model Number Mobility Battery Capacity Recommended Charger Size
    24BC3000T-2 24V, 12Ah SLA 24V, 2A
    24BC3000T-2 24V, 15Ah SLA 24V, 2A or 24V, 3.5A
    24BC3500T-1 24V, 18Ah SLA 24V, 2A or 24V, 3.5A
    24BC5000T-2 24V, 22Ah SLA 24V, 5A or 24V, 5A GEL
    24BC5000T-2 24V, 26Ah SLA 24V, 5A or 24V, 5A GEL
    24BC5000T-2 24V, 35Ah SLA 24V, 5A or 24V, 5A GEL
    24BC8000T-1 24V, 42Ah SLA 24V, 8Ah
    24BC8000T-1 24V, 55Ah SLA 24V, 8Ah
    24BC8000T-1 24V, 75Ah SLA 24V, 8Ah



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