YT12B-BS - 12-Volts 10-Amp Hrs

YT12B-BS - 12-Volts 10-Amp Hrs

Below are your options to replace YT12B-BS - 12-Volts 10-Amp Hrs from

  • Power Sport Sealed AGM - YT12B-BS - 12-Volts 10-Amp Hrs | Battery Specialist Canada

    UPG Adventure Power

    Power Sport Sealed AGM - YT12B - 12-Volts 10-Amp Hrs

    Our Adventure Power Sealed AGM series battery is the one you are looking for. AGM sealed technology has refined the battery. Maintenance free, so no more filling with acid. Will not leak, even upside down position. Lead Calcium plates more than double...
  • YT12B-BS Kinetik Phantom LiFePO4 Battery | Battery Specialist Canada YT12B-BS Kinetik Phantom LiFePO4 Battery Side | Battery Specialist Canada

    Phantom Power

    YT12B-BS Kinetik Phantom LiFePO4 Battery

    LiFePO4 batteries are safer for the operator and the environment; no explosive gasses, lead, or acid are released during charge or leak out Battery has zero sulfation Holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance; faster cranking for better...