Fusion Solder

Fusion Solder

Solder and Flux Preloaded in Barrel

FUSION® Connectors Come Ready-To-Use.

Our Fusion solder connectors change the game.  You used to have to clean, flux, and add solder.  Our Fusion products have the flux and solder built in so all you add is heat to get a strong, vibration and corrosion-resistant joint that's 70% stronger than a crimp connection. 

  • Made of cast copper alloy, tin plated for added conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Superior reliability for years of dependable service
  • More consistant quality than any other solder method including traditional wire solder & solder slug
  • Especially good in presense of destructive vibration or corrosive chemicals
  • Available in kits.

Fusion Connectors are priced at market value.  Please click here to request a quote.




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