Custom Wire

Custom Wire


In the world of battery-driven equipment, backup and reserve power and related systems, there is one thing you can count on:  Everything varies.  

Original Equipment Manufacturers have to locate batteries with concerns for weight distribution, accessibility for service, and environmental issues.  Backup and reserve power installations have to deal with existing distribution boxes and locations and availability of space for racks and boxes.  And aftermarket service techs often have to solve problems for additional battery installations, accessory power loads and even cosmetic concerns.

And that is where custom cables come in.  Often the best solution is the right custom cable with the right connectors already installed, and that’s a big part of what we do at Quick Cable.  With an inventory of thousands of feet of cable and wire, and the fact that we manufacture our connectors in the U.S. and Canada, we build and ship custom cable in large volumes to support manufacturing, and in single pieces for repair or replacement. 

At we make it easy for registered users to create cable drawings and specifications using online tools and submit them for quoting and production.  Most items are quoted in the same day, so you get the products you need, quickly and conveniently.   

At Battery Specialist.  It’s what we do.

Cable is priced at market value.  Please click here to request a quote

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