LFP12180 - 12.8V 18Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery with BMS Protection - Terminal F2

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LiFePO4 Lithium
12Ah Case Size For Drop in Replacement - Higher Capacity
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Avantages of LFP over SLA

  • Lower cost per cycle, greater than ten times the cycle life of sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Ultra-light weight; Significantly lighter than sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Drop in replacement for sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Can use the same charger as sealed lea-acid batteries in most cases (limited to a voltage of 14.6 volts)
  • Faster charging as a result of higher charge current
  • More usable capacity - sealed lead-acid battery capacity decreases as discharge current increases
  • Includes Battery Management System (BMS) protection. Contains a circuit that fully protects itself with a Low Voltage Disconnect and a High Current Disconnect on discharge
  • Balancing circuit on charge


  • 12Ah Case Size - Higher capacity in case size, which can offer you a longer runtime.
  • Universal Battery Replacement Brand LFP
  • Rechargeable
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Voltage : 12.8 Volts
  • Capacity: 18Ah
  • Terminals: F2
  • Includes F2 to F1 Step Down Adapters
  • Chemistry: LiFeP04 Lithium Battery
  • Modular design enables deployment of up to 4 batteries in series and 2 in parallel.
  • Length:  5.94 inches
  • Width:  3.90 inches
  • Height: 3.70 inches
  • Total Height: 4.06 inches
  • Approximate Weight: 4.0 lbs
  • These are replacement batteries only.  You must use your existing wires and cables.
  • Data Sheet.  Click here to view.
  • Safety Data Sheet - SDS- Click here to view.
  • LiFePO4 vs Sealed Lead Acid Battery comparison.  Click here to view.


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Warranty Information

2 year limited manufacturer warranty. The capacity of all rechargeable batteries will decline over time depending on the use and charging/discharging process. This is considered normal and therefore, a reduction in battery capacity is not covered under warranty. The battery is only warranted from defects in material or workmanship resulting in failures. Reduced runtime is not warranted and will vary depending on the power management settings and configurations that are set on the device as well as the number of times the battery has been charged and discharged. Please be advised that rechargeable batteries are considered 'consumable products' and warranty coverage is limited to a battery not being able to receive and hold a charge.
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Additional Information

LiFePO4 Lithium
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